Thursday, 23 December 2010

Christmas Eve....

is my absolute favourite day of the year. I know, you'd think it would be Christmas day, right? But not for me. I love the excited anticipation of what's to come. I love that if you haven't got it by now, you ain't gonna get it so stop worrying and enjoy the holidays. Its my day for relaxing and enjoying the moment and I like it to start early, I mean real early. It's not unusual for me to be found at our all night supermarket at 4am getting some last minute treats. Not that I need them, I just love the sense that I'm there because I want to be and not because I have to be lol. Probably, one of my most favourite activities on Christmas Eve is taking a little time out from the family and going off into town (literally a 5 minute walk), finding myself a nice little table outside at one of the many coffee shops we have and listening to the Christmas band whilst people watching. Its such a stress buster I highly recommend it. Of course, I'm blessed with the fact that we have a lovely town in which to do all this.

But feeling so fortunate at having this day to enjoy when I know most people are still going crazy stressing out that they've forgotten something I wondered what I would do if I discovered I'd forgotten to get someone's gift. Naturally, I'd turn to my favourite cook, Nigella Lawson and see what goodies she might suggest would make super gifts from the heart and lo and behold, look what I found on you tube....
so, if you find yourself on Christmas Eve without a gift, look no further then your own kitchen and whip up a real gift from the heart.

Or....... you could always whip up a little scrapable gift hehe. Today I have some sweet goodies for you to complete the Merry Days collection (available in all my stores now). You can't go wrong with these gorgeous little ready to use cluster frames. Grab a paper from your stash, choose your fav photo and pop it behind the frame, re-size it if required and merge the whole thing, hey presto, one layout ready for printing and what a super gift idea.
Download 1 here or click the preview

Download 2 here or click the preview

Enjoy and be sure to come back tomorrow for and brand new kit release and of course, something rather yummy to go with it.

Lets finish this wonderful day with a little treat for the youngsters and young at heart in readiness for tonight's special visiter

Hugs and a Merry Christmas to you all
Boo and the Blossoms xx

p.s. don't forget to check out Sophisti-Scraps 17 Day event today for something special. You'll find the link in the side bar.


  1. Thanks so much for the GORGEOUS clusters...and I LOVE your fun is that?:)
    I keep trying to think if I have forgotten anyone this year..but that is a terrific idea to have some baked goods on hand..just in case.:)Thanks!!

    Merry CHRISTmas!!


  2. Thanks for the clusters and thank you for your contribution to the holiday giveaway and the time you put into your amazing kits!